Babaali Smart Helmet


This Smart Cycle Helmet includes built in LED Turn Signal Indicators which are controlled by a wireless remote.

Featuring three (3) Turn Signal Functions Double Flashing / Turn Left / Turn Right.

Using a remote controller mounted on the handlebar, it is now possible to warn those behind by pressing the left turn, right turn or go straight signal on the remote controller, relieving the riders from any inconvenience or traffic safety issues caused by gesturing or looking back.The Wireless Remote attaches easily to handlebars which can be transferred between bikes.

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Smart Cycling Helmet with Rear View Assist | Babaali | World Leading Helmet Manufacturer


Color Options:

  • Black with Red Contrast
  • Black with Yellow Contrast
  • Black with Blue Contrast
  • White with Orange Contrast

Size Options:

  • Medium (55-58cm)
  • Large (58-61cm)

You want more smart features like rear view assist, the ability to take phone-calls, navigate and listen to music, and plus heart rate monitors? Check out their website for more details.


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