A Back-Typing Keyboard for iPad? Are You Serious?


Before using T-BLADE, you may feel some difficulties to input long texts like over one page on your iPad in the mobile situations. iPad itself is an extremely useful, and it’s actually easy to use. However, in case of inputting longer texts, you may feel it’s not perfect.

T-BLADE is a final solution for typing on iPad easily at anywhere and anytime. When you are in the car, in the train or in the airplane, you will be able to type on your iPad easily and comfortably by mounting T-BLADE. You can enjoy typing even in the narrow spaces.


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The world’s first back-typing Bluetooth keyboard for iPad. Compatible with iPad Air2 and 9.7 inch iPad Pro. T-BLADE is the true gadget of the future. T-BLADE will bring another evolution to iPad.

T-BLADE EDITOR (under development) is the editing software of the dedicated T-BLADE. During the input, it looks like the back-typing keyboard is transparent. The text you type can be shared with other applications. In easily and timely manner, you will be able to send emails and also upload SNS like Facebook and Instagram. You can use various applications on your iPad with greater ease anywhere and anytime. If you have higher skills of input, the keyboard image on your screen can be smaller. You can switch off the function of the keyboard image on your screen if you want. Just using the software for a few days, and you will find yourself typing on T-BLADE with ease.

Features of T-Blade

Back-typing keyboard

The biggest feature of “T-BLADE™” is the QWERTY keyboard installed on the back. By adopting the same key arrangement with the existing QWERTY keyboard, users feel nearly the same with typing a normal keyboard. In addition, by arranging the keys on the back, it enables an effective way of utilizing dead space in the rear of iPads. For tablet users, external keyboard is a must item, but it requires some space for typing and lacks mobility as a proper mobile device.

By adopting back keys, “T-BLADE™” balances both mobility and operability, improving the typing environment of tablets in a dramatic fashion.


Keys (thumb typing keys) located in the front

Without impairing the recognition performance of iPad display, “T-BLADE™” offers the keys that can operate using a thumb on both sides (left and right) of a screen. Return key, space key, back space, shift key, cursor key and specific keys are located in the front. Since there is no need to operate a tablet’s screen using fingers, all keys are operable with both hands holding a tablet. It provides overwhelmingly fast and stable tablet operation than using an on-screen keyboard. Moreover, with no on-screen keyboard displayed, the display area will be overwhelmingly wider. Furthermore, operation of dedicated software is possible with the specific key arrangement.


Advanced design and lightweight

A chic form that gently wraps iPad and a QWERTY keyboard on the back is an innovative style of Bluetooth keyboard ever. The design of “T-BLADE™” is highly compatible with unique iPad designs and gives a stylish impression by mounting.

“T-BLADE™” is lighter than iPad itself and its portability is assured. By mounting “T-BLADE™,” users can hold iPad firmly with both hands providing substantial enhancement of safety compared to holding iPad with one hand and type in with the other.

“T-BLADE™” is capable of evolving iPad into a device that allows users to type in “anytime” and “anywhere.” In business situations such as editing emails, Excel or Word as well as SNS or games in personal life, “T-BLADE™” enhances and extends the capabilities of iPads.


Future development of “T-BLADE™”

TSJ is scheduled to have “T-BLADE™” available to general consumers at the beginning of the launch in autumn 2016. However, TSJ is confident that the mobility performance of “T-BLADE™” will further enhance the utility value to tablet devices used in various business situations such as in construction, medical services and education fields.

Therefore, TSJ is willing to reinforce alliances with various companies in the area of B-to-B in the future as well.



Product name:                           T-BLADE™

Compatible iPad models:        iPad Air 2/ 9.7 inch iPad Pro

Release date:                              Autumn 2016 (subject to change)

Dimensions:                               175 mm x 273 mm x 20 mm wide (subject to change)

Weight:                                       Approximately 370g (subject to change)

Key switch:                                Pantograph method

Connection method:                Bluetooth


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