A-STAND: A Transformable Workstation for Devices


With A/STAND’s ergonomic, portable, and transformable features you can work comfortably anywhere. A/STAND offers 20 different viewing configurations so you can work comfortably anytime, anywhere. A/STAND is specifically designed to create a unique, personalized environment, allowing you to interact with your devices effectively & optimally. It’s perfect for working while traveling, commuting, & working remotely.




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A/STAND makes you the master of your digital domain by ensuring that your viewing your device in the best angle possible. In tablet world land, it also offers the opportunity to go hands free in the most comfortable way possible. For laptop users, A/STAND is designed to dissipate the heat generated by these devices—you’ll find it much more comfortable to sit with your laptop for extended periods of times.

A/STAND improves the angle in which you interact with your screen by offering over 20 viewing configurations. With A/STAND you have the option to choose what viewing position is most optimal for you, easing stress and omitting neck and back pains.

Just under 2 pounds & measuring the dimensions of a magazine, A/STAND is the go-to accessory that’s ready to go anywhere. Students can even use A/STAND in libraries & home chefs in their kitchen!

With over 20 different viewing configurations the A/STAND will quickly become your best friend.A/STAND is specifically designed to create a unique, personalized working environment, allowing you to interact with your devices effectively & optimally.

With A/STAND’s two-tiered option, your work space is effectively doubled. Our customers use the space below for everything from a meal on a flight to an easy access for papers/files even to have a great space to store another portable power source.

The A/STAND’s a slide out drink tray keeps your coffee, soda, and water out of the computer spill zone. A/STAND makes tablet computing seamless – simply, pull out your device from its storage area + choose your view angle. Even if your device is lying flat, you can still take advantage of the perfect perch for your digital device.

A/STAND comes in a variety of materials and color options to best fit your individual style and preferences.Get A/STAND in grey, black, or bamboo! 

A/FOLIO Carrying Case is a compact, next generation, microfiber carrying case for busy professionals on the go. Light and efficient travelers like that A/FOLIO has a place for everything: separate pockets for tablets and today’s most popular devices like MacBook Airs and Surface products. A/FOLIO is designed to maximize A/STANDS’ unique attributes allowing you to truly master your digital domain.



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