Add Touch to your PC or Laptop with DuoPad


DuoPad is a multi-touch trackpad enabling PC and Laptop owners using Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 all the touch screen features and functionalities of their favorite smartphone and tablet apps onto any PC or Laptop monitor. (PC and Laptop owners with Windows 7 can use the DuoPad after they upgrade for free to Windows 10 . Windows 8.1 is also available to upgrade from Windows 7.
The trackpad was reimagined  and added a touchscreen mode that switches on automatically when using touch apps on your PC or laptop. Using touch apps with a mouse can be frustrating since they are designed to work with a touchscreen. The Windows Store on your PC and laptop offers thousand of touch apps that you use on your smartphone and tablet everyday. DuoPad extends that experience onto your PC and laptop.
With DuoPad, you still have a full-featured trackpad mode allowing you to navigate, as you would with a mouse, when using traditional desktop applications.


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Amazing Features

DuoPad’s name was inspired from what makes it stand-out from all other trackpads-its amazing capacity to intelligently operate in two modes. It knows which apps you are running and switches modes automatically from desktop applications to touch apps. It makes your Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 PC or Laptop run seamlessly with every kind of software.

Bring The Touch To Your Desktop Monitor

Toggle nimbly between a traditional trackpad experience and DuoPad’s touch screen mode automatically, based on your needs.

DuoPad is amazingly accurate and responsive. Your hand gestures on it’s surface appear identically and simultaneously on your monitor, with no delay.

As Ergonomic As Your Mouse

Using the DuoPad is just like using any mouse or desktop trackpad. Ergonomics are not compromised as when using a desktop touch screen. Especially when working for periods of time longer than a few minutes, the sheer weight of your hand and arm can really tire you quickly as you are constantly raising your hand to touch the vertical monitor.

Personalize Your Touch

It’s easy to configure DuoPad to control exactly how you work and play on your PC. Define custom actions, choose your personal DuoPad Touch Mode display color from dozens of options, and even specify your transparency/opacity preferences.

And, It’s Also a Trackpad

In Trackpad Mode, the DuoPad is a precision Multi-touch Trackpad like the one on your laptop and includes the same standard functions and gestures you’re already accustom to. Like the mouse, it moves the arrow cursor on the screen and also has left and right  click buttons so you can access the same drop down menus as you would with a mouse. Tap to drag and double tap are also fully supported.

Works with your Laptop

The DuoPad gives your laptop a Touchscreen Mode for your favorite touch apps, and a larger Multi-touch Trackpad for mouse cursor control and standard trackpad gestures when you use your desktop applications.

The DuoPad Touch Experience

The DuoPad is a powerful tool for many uses. It offers a superior trackpad experience, but goes one better by bringing all the fun and productivity of your favorite touch applications to any desktop or laptop monitor.

Play Games

Enjoy games like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and many more other games using touch, just as you would on your tablet or smartphone.

Be Extra Productive

The latest version of Microsoft Office supports touch, making it a breeze to zoom in and out, move and edit items quickly with the touch of your fingers. You also have your physical keyboard to let you type with speed and comfort. So it all becomes productivity heaven with Office on your PC or Laptop.

Use Desktop Applications Like Before

In trackpad mode, DuoPad works like your mouse and gives you full control of your desktop applications that are designed to be used with the mouse cursor.


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