adidas Fit Smart – Fitness and Activity Monitor Wristband


Meet your new fitness companion. With Fit Smart, you’ll never miss a beat. ..or step! You can track your every day activity and when you’re ready to work up a sweat, fire up the built-in heart rate monitor to get in the zone.

adidas fit smart features continuous wrist based heart rate technology – no chest strap required. This fitness monitor provides simple to understand visual coached guidance for workout intensity and calorie burn to keep you on track, motivated and training smarter and more effectively.

The fit smart watch features a built-in accelerometer tracking speed, pace, distance and stride rate for walking, jogging and running. Sync your data, using Bluetooth smart on your smart phone, with the adidas Train & Run app to see your progress. With the adidas Train & Run app you’ll also have access to 100s of training plans created by the elite coaches at EXOS.

Here are some of the key features of the new Fit Smart:

  • Vibration and visual prompts that provide feedback and coaching
  • Set daily and weekly goals to keep track of your progress.
  • Stores up to 10 hours of workout data
  • Access free training plans through the new and improved Train & Run app.
  • Fit Smart is compatible with iOS and Android 4.3+.

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adidas Train & Run App

Run faster farther. Get fitter, leaner and stronger with adidas Train & Run.

Turn your phone in to your personal trainer. Train & Run provides real-time guidance and premium voice coaching to help you work out more efficiently and achieve your goals faster.

Work on your strength and flexibility, or prepare to run anything from a 5k to a marathon.

Whatever your goal, Train & Run can help.

Train & Run Features

  • Create activity & training goals
  • Access to hundreds of free running or fitness training plans built by adidas elite coaches
  • Get coached through your workout
  • Share your data with Apple Health and other fitness platforms
  • Use your phone’s GPS to track your route, pace and distance outdoors.
  • At-a-glance LED display of heart rate zone during your workouts
  • See your calories burned: passive and active
  • Soft and comfortable silicon strap
  • Set weekly activity and workout goals
  • Sync with adidas Train & Run app

Who is the miCoach User?

adidas created miCoach sports fitness watch because they fundamentally understand that every athlete can be better at his or her sport, no matter the level. adidas enlisted the help of world-renowned coaches to create sport-specific training plans to make athletes better at their chosen sports. miCoach offers both Cardio and Strength & Flexibility plans to improve your strength, power, speed, agility and flexibility.

What type of workouts can the adidas fit smart track?

Cardio, Strength & Flexibility: miCoach uses a unique form of heart-rate-based interval training for CARDIO workouts varying intensity between four personalized training zones. As well as tackling the guided Strength & Flexibility workouts that include weight, repetition and circuit training.

adidas Fit Smart - 13

Heart Rate Zones

Blue: Warm up and Cool down.
Green: Burn calories and boost endurance.
Yellow: Train harder and feel the muscle burn.
Red: Short power boosts and develop strength and speed.


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