Aqua Swing


Tired of swimming but don’t want to get out of the pool? Then this cool aqua swing is definitely for you! What can be more relaxing than “floating on air”? That’s how you’ll feel as you lounge on this ultra-comfortable, beautifully buoyant pool “swing”. Spend some quality leisure time drifting lazily on the luxurious Aqua Swing.

TRC Recreation Super-Soft Aqua Swing is a U-shaped chair with durable, vinyl-fabric sling seat. Features an exclusive internal steel frame for extra support, strength, and comfort. Supports average adult and features grommet for easy hanging storage.

Thick, contoured, closed-cell foam covers a reinforced internal steel frame. Vinyl coating protects against sun, chlorine, and salt water. Fabric-sling seat hangs from the U-shaped frame. This model comes in Kool Lime Green.

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  • Supports an average adult
  • Unique U-shaped chair
  • Grommet for easy storage
  • Reinforced internal steel frame
  • Durable and vinyl-fabric sling seat


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