AtmosFearFX: Holographic Halloween Decorations


Paper and plastic Halloween decorations are so last century. What we need is some high tech decorations that will actually scare people both inside and outside of your homes. Think about it, the more you scare kids at your door, the more candy you have for yourself at the end of the night. These amazing holographic Halloween decorations is just what you need.

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Ghostly Apparitions - Hologram Illusion In Doorway


Frightfully Entertaining Digital Decor! Watch ethereal figures come through the wall, or drift by! Ghostly Apparitions dvd includes multiple display modes and is recommended for projection of a wall or window, or you can play on your TV or monitor. Soundtrack is included. Can be displayed vertically or horizontally! The effects loop continuously. Great new idea for your next haunted gathering! Now on SD Media Card. No DVD Player is required. Video plays from built in media player in the video projector.

The AtomosFearFX holographic Halloween decorations are perfect for Halloween decorating or Halloween parties. There are many DVDs to choose from including zombie invasion scenes, ghosts, phantasms, scenes that make your pumpkins come to life and many more.

AtmosFearFX brings the terror to Halloween and makes it real. The ghouls and ghosts that it creates are so real that you will swear you are really being haunted. These incredible Halloween holographics are going to scare trick or treaters as well as your neighbors for years to come.


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