Cacoon: A Hanging Cocoon Hammock


The Hanging Cacoon is a suspended cone shaped personal hammock that gives you the privacy to read, meditate, or have some ‘me’ time without being stared at by neighbors, nagged by significant other, or bothered by your terribly loud children. Be the absentee father you’ve always dreamed of in your cocoon of solitude.

The Hanging Cacoon is a little cone shaped hammock that you can hang from a tree branch, or indoors if you have high enough ceilings, which gives you a very isolated area to relax. It’ll swing ever-so softly giving you the ultimate place for leisure, and away from the business of life. It makes for the perfect getaway place to read a book after a long day.

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How to hang a Cacoon



A lightweight, rust-free aluminum ring is included to ensure that your Cacoon is always stretched out so you can relax comfortably. The polyester and cotton fabric has been UV tested, is water repellent, and treated for anti-mold and bacteria. With a carabineer, nylon rope hanging system, and storage bag, you can take the Cacoon with you on all your adventures!

Which size is right for you?

Bonsi: Easily fits two children and a handful of toys.


Single: The perfect size for one adult and one child.


Double: Accommodates two adults comfortably.


Cacoon Features


Composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the fabric has been UV tested, is water repellent, and treated for anti-mold and bacteria. The material is soft and breathable, making it cozy enough for you and a friend.

Superior Aluminum Ring

The rustproof aluminum ring that lines the inside of the Cacoon is built to last. It stretches out the fabric of the Cacoon to ensure you have maximize space to relax.

Easy To Assemble

You’ll be ready to relax in just minutes! Once you spread open the Cacoon fabric and insert the aluminum ring, all that’s left to do is hang your Cacoon in a stand, off a beam, or to a tree!

Also Available: Tripod Stand


Designed to accommodate any size Cacoon, you’ll have tons of room to move around once you’re hanging in the Tripod. Not only can you assemble this stand in minutes, but the pegs in the ground mean that this heavy-duty stand stays secure to the ground. Lay back and relax, with the added security the Vivere Tripod stand offers.


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