Car Travel Inflatable Mattress


Now you can let your kids sleep in the car while you’re out, as if they are in their beds. This product uses a sleeping chamber inflated structure design, soft and flexible, on the human body bearing force is more uniform and can reduce bumps and noise caused by vehicles between pavement, enable you to obtain a more comfortable environment for resting.

Includes mattress, air pillow, car electric air pump, repair pad and glue kits.

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  • Durable car SUV equipment for comfortable travel sleeping for kids and parents, or create more room for romantic intimate motion in vehicles.
  • High quality heavy duty PVC made, soft and comfortable, micro-fluffy feather-feeling surface.
  • It is suitable to be a inflatable mattress for automobile, outdoor sofa, household sofa and so on.
  • The difference between plant flannelette and oxford cloth: plant flannelette is delicate and silky, and oxford cloth is dry and comfortable.
  • Folded volume: 15*11*5 inches. Mattress spread to Size: 55*36*18 inches. Mattress thickness: 3.15 inches. Maximum load bearing:660 pounds.


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