CordCruncher, The First Tangle-Free Headphones In The World


What if you could adjust the length of your headphones’ cable without it dangling in your way while you take it out from your bag, when you exercise, or when put in your pocket?

CordCruncher does exactly that. The $20 in-ear CordCrunching headphones have an interesting elastic silicone sleeve cable management concept. The CordCruncher in-ear headphones can be adjusted length wise from 16-inches to 40-inches thanks to their elastic slingshot-like silicone sleeve.

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  • Patented Tangle Free Technology – Never Tangles!
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Cord Cruncher’s expand from 16″ – 40″, and every size in between
  • Wrap your Cord Cruncher around your Wrist or Neck for storage on the go.
  • The Tangle Free Sleeve is made of medical grade natural USA Latex Rubber


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