Cut Glass Bottles Into Glass Cups


The Kinkajou bottle cutter is the perfect tool to help with many up-cycling projects. With an amazing success rate, the Kinkajou makes it easier to get that perfect score line that is essential for a clean glass separation. It can be used to turn bottles into personalized glassware, lamps, vases, candle holders and so many other things.

The Kinkajou can help you keep your favorite brands around the house in a useful fashion. Please note that this item includes the Deep black (black/blue) kinkajou bottle cutter and accessories.

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This device cuts beer bottles into glass cups


  • Cut bottles from 43mm-102mm
  • One blade lasts over 200 cuts
  • Sandpaper included to help finish the glass
  • Separation ties included to help make a cleaner separation
  • Easy to use and simple to store


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