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Have you ever sat in an economy class seat, tossing and turning, deliriously trying to get to sleep? Knowing you need to be feeling rested when you arrive? Say goodbye to long restless airplane flights, train rides, car rides and bus rides. Now you can sleep as comfortably as you sleep in your own bed. FaceCradle allows you to get deep sleep while traveling. This is the first travel pillow that allows you to choose 5 different sleep modes to make sure you find the most comfortable position during your travels.

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Sleep the way that fits your own style!

With a hypoallergenic memory foam, FaceCradle has 6 different modes to allow you to sleep during travel the way you sleep in your own bed. With your neck supported upright, no more uncomfortable cricks in your neck. Weather you prefer the standard neck pillow mode or one of the most revolutionary short trip modes which is snoozing mode, you will sleep soundly during your travels. The modes are Dozing, Snoozing, Table Nap, Deep Sleep Front, Deep Sleep Side and Lean In Mode (Your arm goes through the fully extended neck pillow and you lean against the side of the airplane to sleep.

Snooze Mode

Mode 2 we call Snoozing Mode, open the pillows and lock to the 20 to 10 clock position, slide your neck into FaceCradle. Do you see how your head is supported higher up with the weight held on your shoulders, not your neck? So immediately there is a big problem solved. No more stiff necks. The most amazing quick sleep, short trip rest you will ever find. It’s often described as more comfortable than laying down.

Dozing Mode

This standard mode does what all “U” shaped neck pillows do. Great for getting comfortable on a short trip while you read, watch a movie or just relax.

Deep Sleep Modes! Good Night!

Upgrade to sleeping class! Most travel pillows attempt to give you comfort with your head upright but this is not how you sleep at night. FaceCradle allows you supported access to the full 180 degrees forward of your seat to get your head more horizontal. This is the way you normally sleep and it allows you to toss and turn in hundreds of different positions so you can find your sweet spot, replicating how you sleep each night.

Table Nap Mode

Just trying to catch a quick nap or rest. Table Nap mode is perfect. It is amazingly comfortable and you can rest with your face to the side or straight down into the FaceCradle. Whichever fits your style best. Works perfect for quick naps at the office or at your desk. Also works in classrooms at school too but don’t tell your teacher!

Lean in Mode!

How many times have you wanted to lean against the wall of the airplane or train but it was too cold or too hard or shakes too much. No more! No you can put your arm through the fully extened FaceCradle and compfortably lean to the side. This is especially helpful when you are sitting next to someone that crowds your space a little bit. Now you can lean away and sleep.

Comfortable Travel for All

With the amount of travel these days from executives, sales people and travellers, you simply have to find a way to fit some rest into your life. FaceCradle lets you find that time so you can hit the ground running when you arrive.


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