Feed and Go – The Smart Pet Feeder


Feed and Go is a really smart pet feeder that has been designed by pet owners to be an ultra reliable solution for when you need your pet to be fed their wet/dry food or even treats, on time, every time.

With a built in webcam, so you can always check on your pet, real time notifications of when your pet has been fed and the ability to control multiple pet feeders from any smartphone including iOS, Android and Windows, Feed and Go gives you piece of mind when you can’t be home with your pet.

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With the built in webcam, you can log in from any Apple, Android or Windows smartphone, tablet or computer to check on your pride and joy when you’re away from home. They’re not in front of the webcam? Don’t worry, just call them over.

The customer portal lets you set up a profile really quickly and then you can set virtually unlimited one time or regular schedules. Got more than 1 pet? You can control unlimited Feed and Go’s from one profile with one simple press of a button.

Whatever food or treats you feed your pets, you can do this with your Feed and Go. You can even use it to dispense medication if you have a pet that needs this too.

You can set your Feed and Go to give you real time messages by SMS and/or Email to let you know when your pet is about to be fed, or when he has just been fed, or both!

Your Feed and Go connects to your Wi-Fi network at home, and set up is really quick. Don’t worry if your Wi-Fi loses reception though – once a schedule has been set, it’s stored in the feeder so will still work just fine, even if your Wi-Fi is having a bad day.

We’re all pet owners and we’d all rather be at home with our pets. But sometimes we can’t be there as we have to work and we have commitments. Your Feed and Go will never replace you, but it is a great buddy for you to rely on when you need your pet to be fed on time, every time.


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