Going To The Beach? Hide Your Stuff With The Beach Vault


The Beach Vault is a unique storage locker that can screw into the sand to safely store your valuables while you are at the beach.

Store your valuables safely beneath you then kick back, relax, and enjoy your worry free time at the beach with easy access to your favorite things.

The Beach Vault includes a unique Beach Towel that allows you to secure your Beach Vault in the sand. Lay your Beach Towel out, connect it to your Beach Vault, and insert your accompanying pillow into the pillow sleeve.

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This container protects your valuables at the beach


  • Special waterproof lid.
  • Inflatable pillow.
  • Approx 12″ deep and 6″ wide.
  • This is a pre-order slated to ship by end of August 2016.


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