IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler


Take Icybreeze anywhere! It’s the perfect way to beat the heat with a constant breeze of cold air up to 25 miles per hour, at a temperature up to 35 degrees below the outside temperature.

The secret behind the Icybreeze is an innovative design that sends water through a heat exchanger in the lid. Fresh air is drawn from hidden vents in the top of the cooler, pulled across the exchanger, and chilled down to 35 degrees below the initial temperature. A cool, icy breeze is then dispensed in the direction of the user’s choosing. The power and speed of the air current is comparable to that of the average air conditioner in most modern cars.

The full range of Icybreeze accessories make the portable air conditioner work in most settings. The Icybreeze unit becomes truly portable with the optional battery pack designed specifically for the Icybreeze. With this advanced battery system, the Icybreeze provides hours of cooling comfort.

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IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner


Available in four different packages:

– Frost Package: The entry level Package that has all the same great coooling features but without all the accessories. 110V charger included.

– Flurry Package: Includesa battery charger and a Car Power Supply (12V Power Supply Cord).

– Blizzard Package: Includes a standard IcyBreeze charger, a Car Power Supply (12V Power Supply Cord) and Wall Power Supply (110V to 12V Power Supply)

– Whiteout Package: Includes standard charger, Car Power Supply (12V Power Supply Cord), Wall Power Supply (110V to 12V Power Supply) and Extension Kit (four-foot flexi-hose).

Rugged Polyethylene construction.

Ice lasts up to 7 days at temps up to 90 when not using air conditioning.

Holds 30 lbs of ice.

36 qt interior holds 49 cans.

Interior Dimensions: 18.5″ l x 11.25″ w x 11″ d

Exterior Dimensions: 23.5″ l x 16.25″ w x 18.5″ h

Dry weight: 21 lbs.

Rechargeable battery.


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