Is This A Keyboard Or A Remote Control? Check It Out


I hate it when I’m on the couch and using the remote control of the smart media device which is connected to my TV to input text. It is like a nightmare plus it is slow.

This QQ-Tech Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with touchpad is the answer. It functions as a normal keyboard for your computer, and as a remote control for your home media device. Its size is small, so it will not take a lot of space and everyone will be happy.

Besides the responsive QWERTY keyboard, it has many useful buttons like multimedia buttons on the top, Bluetooth button, sound and mute buttons, play/pause buttons, search button, and left/right click buttons plus a touchpad.

You won’t be disappointed with this sleek gadget. It is one of the most popular touchpad Bluetooth keyboards in the world.

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  • Innovative Unique design; newest 2013 layout and functions guarantee the best handheld control than all other devices!
  • Portable and elegant with backlight, enjoy convenient typing and multi-touch navigation right from your couch;
  • Multi-touchpad and Scroll Bar–allows for scrolling, screen flip, mouse click and Smart Phone…
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and also auto sleep/wake mode;
  • Friendly easy switch between Android, Mac and Window OS.

1. Press FN+Q (IOS) / FN+W (Windows) / FN+E (Android) to switch operating system.
2. Package doesn’t come with Bluetooth dongle, so make sure your device support Bluetooth.
3. It supports Android 3.0 + only; iPad and iPhone no touch pad function.

1. Power switch: turn on / off device
2. Touch pad: work like your laptop touchpad
3. Bluetooth pair button: press to active Bluetooth function so ready to pair
4. Press to power on / off backlight
5. LED 1: indicate power on or off. Flash ready to pair, off after paired
6. LED 2: light on indicates low power; when charging, indicates fully charged if light on
7. LED 3: light on indicates connect to charger; light off while fully charged
8. LED 4: light on indicates Caps lock
9. Hot key for “Start”: press to activate start menu on Windows
10. Language switch: press to switch language
11. Function key: work with other keys together for extra functions
12. “Ctrl Alt Del” Combo Key: if you press Fn with this key = press “ctrl + alt + del” together
13. Left mouse: mouse left key
14. Right mouse: mouse right key
15. Navigate key: press to move cursor up, down, right and left
16. Left mouse: mouse left key
17. Right mouse: mouse right key
18. Micro usb port: connect to charge

Package Includes:
1 * Bluetooth Keyboard (57*150*12.5mm)
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 * User Manual


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