LED Earrings – 9 Pairs


These attractive crown-shaped LED Earrings are perfect for wearing to work while turned off, or for wearing to parties, clubs or events at night.

The glowing earrings are perfect for concerts, parties and sporting events. They look amazing in the dark and really light up the room and people’s eyes with positivity.

To activate your Earrings, push the earring through your earlobe’s pre-pierced hole and firmly attach the other half on back, light will turn on and stay on. Steady light function only.

To replace batteries, carefully unscrew the back of the battery housing. The batteries are very small, so keep a close eye on them.

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LED Earrings



100% Brand New in retail package
Awesome and eyes-catching, stand out from the crowd with these LED earring
Comfortable stud earring, easy to wear
Perfect for outdoor activities, parties, night activities, concert and all kinds of night life fun
Main Material: Stainless steel earring with Cubic Zirconia stone
Size: 0.31inch diameter X 0.79inch Length)
Battery: 2*LR521 button battery (included and replaceable)
Turn the LED off by pulling out the post slightly
Quantity: 9 Pairs (18 Pcs)

Package included:

9 Pairs of Led Earrings (batteries included)


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