LG Pocket Photo Mobile Printer


This printer is so small that you can carry it with you in your purse! Just install LG Pocket Photo app in your phone and you are ready to go! The cool thing about it is that it requires no ink. You can use the Zink™ photo paper 2.0 to print it your photos. Grab one today!

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  • Synchronization support for Windows Phone 8.0 or higher, iOS v5.1 or higher, Android v2.2 or higher.
  • No Ink required. Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Micro USB port for charging battery. Not NFC-enabled
  • Editing and printing your photos on your phones with exclusive application ‘LG Pocket Photo’
  • Zink Inkless Printing Embeds Color Into The Paper: 2 x 3″ (7.6x5cm)

No Ink Required 

There is no ink cartridge needed to print out high quality photos instantly with Zink™ photo paper 2.0. Compatible with Pocket Photo Printer PD233 and comes with 30 papers.
Need ID photos in a hurry? With the Pocket Photo split function, you can print out your own ID photos whenever you want.


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