Lost Your Car? Zus Can Find it for You


ZUS is a smart car finder and USB car charger. It charges up your mobile devices at their max speed and finds your car with the companion iOS/Android app. Say good-bye to time-consuming searches for your car at the mall, stadium, outdoor event or a busy neighborhood.

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ZUS - The Smart Car Charger


Smart Car Finder

Download the free iOS / Android app to locate your car’s parking location in crowded parking lots with the help of ZUS. (Not suitable for underground or covered parking lots due to requiring GPS signal).

Charge at Max Speed

ZUS’ USB ports use smart device technology to identify what mobile device it’s charging in order to send it the fastest charge possible. (Not compatible for devices with Qualcomm Quick Charge).

Award-winning German Design

Designed in Germany to be sophisticated yet highly functional, ZUS won the 2016 iF and Reddot Design Awards.

Meets Military Standards for Quality

The only car charger to meet US Military MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard, holding up to temperatures as high as 100ºC.

ElegantShine Lighting

Top of the line lighting for increased visibility in dark environments.

To create top quality smart devices that solves everyday problems.

In 2015, nonda won “The fastest growing startup” and “The best 10 smart hardwares” in Silicon Valley respectively; and in 2016, two nonda products won the prestigious iF and Reddot Design Awards.


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