Magnetic Shoe Closures


Zubits magnetic shoe closures make putting shoes on and taking them off insanely easy. No tying, no knots, no laces coming undone.

Just lace Zubits magnets onto your own shoelaces. When separated, you can easily slip into a wide open shoe.  Close the magnets with a click and go for a run or play sports. Quickly take your shoes off hands-free by stepping on your heel to pop out.  Buy Zubits closures once and re-use them on all your new shoes! The magnets never lose strength so you never have to tie laces again.

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Zubits closures come in three sizes and six colors to match your size and intended use.

  1. Size #1 is recommended for kids ages 5 to 9 years or adults who will use their shoes for walks or going to the store. Recommended for elder adults or special needs individuals. If the kid is highly active or large, consider size #2.
  2. Size #2 is recommended for ages 9 to adult for running, play, gym class, casual shoes, and active use. This is the best size for most adults including men who run. If you are a large adult, have stiffer sole shoes, or want to use Zubits for recreational sports consider size #3.
  3. Size #3 is recommended for large people over 190lbs (86kg), or anyone who wants to use Zubits for recreational sports. Size #3 has the most secure hold for active use but most people will find that Size #2 is best for running and a little easier to pop off. Size #3 is also recommended for heavier shoes with stiffer soles.



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