Ladies, You Will Love These 5-Blade Herb Scissors!


These are one of Marky Products signature products due to their sleek and efficient design. These heavy duty gourmet tools come with a set of five high precision titanium coated layers, featuring a rust-resistant, full polish finish. The handles are made of sturdy bright green plastic with a soft silicone lining for the most comfortable grip.

They are ideal for shredding and chopping all kinds of produce. Think how easy it will be to prepare fresh dishes. They can also be used to manually shred confidential paper items. You’ll need one pair for use as a chef, another for use in the garden and one more in your office or craft room.

comfortable, smooth, light operation makes them a joy to use, but don’t forget to keep away from children. They are also easy to wash with soapy water and dry with a clean cloth. This is the perfect present or addition to a larger gift set for any occasion. The outstanding design and quality means you will never need another set again, which is also backed up by the unconditional guarantee.

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5 Blade Herb Scissors


WORRIED ABOUT MAKING A MESS? The perfect sized silicone handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring no tiring hands, avoiding the ensuing mess and they are easy to clean with the handy cleaning brush provided. Pieces don’t get stuck between blades or fly everywhere and any residual cuttings are easily removed with a quick rinse.

CORROSION IS ELIMINATED with this top product which does not rust. Any odors are easily removed by a cloth dampened with vinegar. Highest grade professional materials containing chromium ensure efficiency and durability.

SUPER SHARP MULTIPURPOSE SHEARS offer a highly effective cutting performance and multiple blades ensure much better results over a traditional knife, making even, uniform cuts.

SUPERIOR DESIGN ensures they do not jam and makes them ideal for cutting fresh food perfectly and in a fraction of the time, giving you great value and years of reliable service to enjoy with a lifetime warranty should an unlikely problem develop.

NEED INSTRUCTIONS ? Everything is explained in the free PDF guide provided. They are also dishwasher safe and leave no marks after washing. Users say: “I love these scissors. These are fantastic scissors. I use them to cut herbs in the garden as well as to prepare them for salads and in dishes I prepare. What a great innovation. Thanks for a terrific product.”


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