NEEO – The Thinking Remote For Your Smart Home


The revolutionary remote with hand recognition and insanely simple setup for your smart home. Control your TV, lighting, heating and more with NEEO.

NEEO is a smart system that lets you control all your devices from one place and even knows who you are when you pick it up.

There are two parts to NEEO, the brain and the remote. The brain communicates with your devices and the remote allows instant control. These two devices are new thinking both in design and technology. To manage your home you can use the NEEO app on your smartphone and for the ultimate experience use the NEEO remote.

The technical team has spent months cataloging and testing tens of thousands of devices, so NEEO quickly detects your devices making setup easy.


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NEEO is The Thinking Remote that Controls all devices in your home.


The Brain

The brain commands all your devices and gadgets. NEEO has a database of more than 30’000 devices that it can connect to and control. It is compatible with all major AV products produced in the last 10 years and works with all the cool new smart devices on the market too.

The Remote

The NEEO remote is the one place to control all the devices in your home instantly.

  • The NEEO remote has an amazing 291 ppi display – more pixels per inch than Apple’s® iPad® Retina®* standard
  • Today’s remotes are packed full of buttons with cryptic functions but NEEO has just the buttons you need for an optimal tactile experience
  • The NEEO remote comes with a unique patent-pending technology which recognizes your hand when you pick it up: sensors in the remote detect your palm to match you with your profile and display your playlists, films, and favorites, instantly
  • Hand recognition also means you can set parental controls or easily create a guest profile
  • The NEEO remote has a rechargeable battery and a low-power hardware design that runs for months on a charge
  • Never lose your NEEO remote – activate the SOS alarm with your smartphone

The NEEO App

  • Command the brain and all the devices in your home from one single app
  • No more jumping from one app to another to set the TV, sound system and lights
  • Available for iOS® and Android® phones

Set-up is a Breeze

Setting up all your devices is one of the biggest headaches when managing your home. But with NEEO, it is extremely easy. It takes just three steps:

1. Select “devices” in the settings and “add a device”
2. Begin typing the name of your device and NEEO will automatically find it for you
3. Select your device and assign it to a room


Scenarios enable you to automate cumbersome procedures. They are generated automatically as soon as you add and connect devices within a NEEO system. They can be extended easily from within the mobile app.

Without NEEO

  • Grab TV remote
  • Power on TV
  • Switch to AVR remote
  • Power on AVR
  • Change AVR input channel to the DVD’s output
  • Grab DVD remote
  • Power on DVD Player
  • Grab smartphone
  • Search app for lightbulbs
  • Dim lights to „Movie mode”
  • Switch back to DVD remote
  • Press play
  • Grab the AVR remote to adjust volume if needed

=> 3 remotes, a smartphone app and many button presses needed


  • Grab NEEO remote
  • Tap DVD icon
  • Wait a few seconds and watch the magic happen
  • Press play

=> 1 NEEO remote

Technical Details

The NEEO brain has all the smarts to handle older TVs or DVD players to the latest lights, sensors and door locks. It is packed full of cutting edge features never before found in a home automation device including:

  • 4 antennas for Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth BLE (low energy), Wi-Fi, 6LowPAN, ZigBee, Thread and Z-Wave protocols
  • 360° infrared coverage
  • TV, Sonos®, Apple® TV, Roku®, and Philips® Hue support
  • Supports cable boxes – including Cablevision®, Verizon®, Time Warner®, and Comcast®
  • Supports satellite systems from Dish® and DirectTV®
  • Supports your own devices in Learning Mode



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