Never Mow Again With WORX Landroid Robot


The Worx Landroid is the pre-programmable robotic mower that lets you customize daily mowing schedules. The Landroid runs 7 days a week giving your lawn a continuous manicured look by giving the grass a trim on a routine basis as opposed to traditional mowers that take off substantial amounts of grass on a less frequent basis.

Among its many features, Landroid navigates narrow passages, cuts with precision on slopes angling up to 20 degrees and does it all with zero emissions. If your lawn is under 10750 ft2 and you want it to look great every day, the Landroid is designed precisely for you.

The Intuitive keypad makes it easy to customize a mowing schedule so your lawn is neatly mowed every day. The low noise operation allows you to mow during the day or night. This allows you to wake up to a freshly mowed lawn every morning.

The Landroid runs off of a 28V rechargeable battery so there are zero emissions.

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The robotic lawn mower that can mow narrow, intricate areas of your lawn

Unlike other automatic mowers that are blind, the Landroid M is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to make decisions. It is able to navigate and mow narrow passages where other robots would only pass through (provided the wire guide has been laid down). The Landroid M adapts to your lawn rather than requiring you to adapt your lawn to the robot.

Landroid is pre-programmed, so you don’t have to

The Landroid M is ready to take care of your lawn straight out of its box, no programming is required. If you ever want to customize its programming to your needs, that comes in one easy step.

Intuitive keypad makes it easy to customize

Those who have tried at least once in their life to program a VCR have an idea of how complex most robotic mower’s interfaces are. The Landroid’s interface is designed to make your life easy.

The Landroid M feels at home on uneven landscapes

If climbing is a matter of power, mowing slopes is a different business. The sophisticated electronics on board the Landroid M allows the robotic mower to calculate drift, inclination and other parameters in order to ensure an even mowing of even the most uneven landscapes.

Programmable timer for weekly mow schedule

Thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly interface, the Landroid M may be programmed to work when you want it to.

Automatically returns to charge station

When it feels low in energy, the robotic lawn mower goes back to its station autonomously for recharging.

Rain sensor

You’ve most likely learned to avoid mowing wet grass over the years. The Landroid M stops operating when it is raining and will re-start only when the grass is no longer wet.

Shock sensor system

You do not need to clear your lawn from ornaments, furniture or toys: the Landroid M senses obstacles and avoids them.

Security pin

Your WORX Landroid M is protected by a PIN code. This PIN code prevents unauthorized people from being able to use it. Once it’s taken outside of its boundary, it will not be possible to re-start by anyone who does not know the security PIN.

Tool-free height adjustment

Grass length is a matter of personal taste and grass type. The Landroid M offers 5 different cutting height positions, and adjusting the height is as easy as rotating a dial.

Zero emissions

Did you know that according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the emissions of a single push lawn mower equal that of 11 cars? The Landroid M runs on a 28V MaxLithium battery and is zero emission.

Low noise

The Landroid M is extremely quiet – so much so that you can have it operating during the night. Now you can enjoy your lawn all day long!



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