Picture Hanging Tool: Hang It Perfect Makes Frame Hanging Simple & Fast!

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Hang It Perfect is the most universal, all-in-one, hang & level tool on the market! Bonus: 50 piece hanging hardware set included!

No longer do you need multiple tools to hang an object on the wall. Hang It Perfect does the work for you and will save you time, money, damaged walls, and the need for a secondary person.

It features a built-in ruler, level and marking system so you can install the nail in the correct wall location the first time, every time! Simply hang the frame on the nails and you’re done! Hang It Perfect can also level & hang mirrors, cabinets, shelves and flat screen TV’s.

If you are hanging grouped art, Hang It Perfect will not only hang & level both vertical and horizontal groupings, but evenly space them too.

Notes: Hang It Perfect works for objects up to 36″ wide (frames, mirrors, cabinets, shelves). For flat screen TV’s, Hang It Perfect works with horizontal TV mounts that require a 2-stud installation.

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Hang It Perfect


This tool helps you perfectly align the nails/screws onto your wall so that you can hang things on your wall with precision accuracy every time.

How it works is, the device has 1 horizontal ruler, along with 2 vertical rulers. You place the horizontal ruler on the top of your artwork, painting, mirror, etc, and then adjust the two vertical rulers to line up perfectly where you’ll need the mounting nails.

After fastening the vertical rulers in place, you can then remove the “Hang It Perfect” from your picture, and place it onto your wall wherever you’d like it hung. The vertical rulers have markers that you can lightly tap into your wall to perfectly mark the spots on your wall where the nails will go in.

Then, simply remove the picturing hanging tool from your wall, tap your nails into the spots where you just marked, and hang your piece onto the wall. You’ll be left with a perfectly leveled and measured painting, picture, or piece of artwork on your wall.

The Hang It Perfect has a built-in level so what you’re hanging will be perfectly leveled with the ceiling and floor, and works perfectly for frames, cabinets, mirrors, shelves, and even flat screen TVs.

The unique picture hanging tool is the most universal all-in-one hanging and leveling tool on the market, is super lightweight and easy to use, and collapses down for easy storage. The Hang It Perfect has a built-in-level, built-in ruler, built-in wall markers, and even comes with a 50 piece hanging hardware kit.



Hang It Perfect has a built in ruler with both inch & centimeter options. Perfect for English or metric system measuring.


Hang It Perfect has a built in level. The level faces you when H.I.P is against the wall so you know when you’re straight.


Hang It Perfect has built in push pins that subtly mark the wall so you know exactly where to install the hanging hardware. Hang It Perfect the first time.


Hang It Perfect comes with a 50 piece hanging hardware kit as a free gift to you. Extra runs to the hardware store are no longer needed.


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  1. Faisal Khamis

    Very useful tool

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