This Is Probably the Coolest Clock Ever!


Why do we all still have the same clocks with the same boring faces like nothing happened since the earliest sun clocks were created centuries ago? Clocks with just the numbers & hands just like our grandmothers had?

Introducing the Coolest Clock:

A highly versatile projection clock that is designed to project a lot more than time. A one-of-a kind, smart and multi-purpose device that lets you view a variety of information along with the time via colorful, bright and attractive ‘faces’. Smart faces that can be personalized to display the weather, Facebook status, tweets from your friends, your family`s location on the map, photos, breaking news from your favorite channels, sports scores, and SIMPLY; more.

A compact and stylish device that can be mounted on the wall and plugged in to a power supply. The clock is controlled by a smartphone app so you can control the features and decide on what information to display from your smartphone or the web.

Users or clock owners can log in to their smartphone app and personalize the clock’s projection in many ways. They can choose from several attractive clock faces, and decide on what information should be displayed on the clock face. This is especially useful to send updates from your smartphone to anyone at home who can then view the information on the clock face, such as your location, the song you are listening to, your latest photos, and many other such personal information to stay connected even when you are on the move.


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Coolest Clock Features

Customizable Clock Faces:

As a user, you can easily arrange a number of face elements displayable via a mobile app even when you are travelling anywhere in the world.

Wall projection:

Coolest Clock displays the time, date and other contents as projected on to the wall, allowing you to see the information even from across the room or even in the dark without turning the light on.

Adjustable projection:

Coolest Clocks use the smart phone app that assists you displaying the time and other information in a highly customized format by adjusting the brightness and the size of the projection.

Live location indicator:

Coolest Clock allows you displaying your live position on the map with the smart phone app paired with the clock. It is quite useful when you have to inform anyone at home about your current position as you are driving back home

Media updates:

You will be able to check out the latest tweets, Facebook status or the most current news from various channels and also allowing you to set “update intervals” and stay updated all the time.


You will be able to display motivational quotes such as ‘quotes of the day’ or your other favorite quotes on the clock face.

Weather updates:

The clock face can display “weather of the day” as well as weather forecast for the whole week.

Stay on schedule:

Display your daily schedule or “to-do” list on the clock face to stay on track daily activities.

Energy saver:

With a Bluetooth chip beacon attached in the Coolest Clock device, you can pair it with your smart phone, allowing you turn the clock projection on or off. So, when you are not around, you can turn the clock off & save energy.

Adjustable Clock Skins:

The clock face elements can be adjusted and customized in many ways as per your preference. For example, you can change the clock hands from analog to digital and vice-versa.

Multiple Time Zones:

Coolest Clock’s unique feature allows you display multiple time zones on the clock face with date & time all around the world at a glance. The Coolest Clock also facilitates you with Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment .


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