RollerMouse Red: Best Ergonomic Mouse


This rollermouse from Contour is actually surprisingly easy to use. I think given a few more days using it you could totally become accustomed.

RollerMouse, centrally placed in front of your keyboard, eliminates the need to grip or reach for the mouse, which can stress the neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. This optimal work zone corrects posture and prevents injury. Use the wrist rest, both hands, and vary your position to avoid discomfort. Simply a better way to work.

Solid, sleek and durable aluminium houses 7SENSES™ tracking technology. Experience unrivalled feel, speed and pinpoint accuracy from one good-looking ergonomic mouse.

7SENSES™, new tracking technology inside the rollerbar, provides unmatched cursor precision and control. The position of the sensors, placed inside the bar, protect it from dust and dirt. 7SENSES™ tracks cursor position, constantly adjusting speed and acceleration to ensure the rollerbar is as central as possible, while intuitively adapting to your pace to decrease micro movements and increase efficiency.

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  • Controlled by a fully open rollerbar, which encourages the use of both hands
  • Unparalleled precision with tracking technology inside the rollerbar – up to 2400 dpi
  • Aluminum body with detachable extended, leatherette palm support.
  • Eight key functions made for productivity and ergonomics, including the “one touch” double click, copy and paste
  • Keyboard risers make it possible to customize keyboard height and angle to ensure optimal comfort and working position


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