SNAPSTYK: The First Cell Phone Case and Selfie Stick in One


SNAPSTYK™ is a slim, stylish, and durable cell phone case with a built-in Bluetooth enabled selfie stick. No more bulky sticks!

SNAPSTYK fits discreetly into your pocket or bag for easy access when it’s time to capture that special moment. Made for iPhone 6/6s and Samsung Galaxy S6.


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The First Cell Phone Case and Selfie Stick in One!
SNAPSTYK: Cell Phone Case and Selfie Stick in One


SNAPSTYK is a beautifully designed cell phone case and selfie stick in one. It is the ideal solution for people that love to take that perfect shot but don’t want to carry around extra mounts, cases or bulky sticks.

Simply take your SNAPSTYK cover mobile device out of your pocket or bag, extend it to telescoping stick to capture your perfect photo or video, and quickly and easily retract the stick back into place and go on your way.

The first SNAPSTYK case is designed for the iPhone 6/6s and Samsung Galaxy S6.

The stick on the case can be extended up to 11 inches and pivots both vertically and horizontally. This allows you to get the best angle in either portrait mode or landscape mode.

Unlike traditional selfie sticks, SNAPSTYK has a stylish and slim design.  It can be properly stored away while remaining easily accessible to use at the appropriate time. And with the SNAPSTYK case, you’ll still have easy access to all your phone ports, microphones, speaker and controls.

With the Bluetooth enabled button on your SNAPSTYK case, you’ll be able to control the shutter of your mobile device to capture your photos and videos quickly and easily using your device’s front or rear camera. It also has a button that powers on your SNAPSTYK and the device will automatically power off after 30 seconds if not used.


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