Sony Portable HD Mobile Projector


The Sony Mobile Projector is a great companion to project your favorite content from portable devices anywhere you go. It uses Sony’s independently developed Laser Beam Scanning1 system to deliver high contrast images on virtually any surface at a screen size up to 120 inches. With the MPCL1 in your pocket or bag, you have a convenient portable theater that can display your movies, images and other data quickly and easily while on the go.

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Sony HD Pico Mobile Projector


  • Pocket-sized HD Mobile Projector
  • Project movies, images or data from your devices
  • Connect via Wi-Fi, HDMI or MHL
  • Connect via Wi-Fi to Android devices using screen mirroring
  • Compatible with Apple devices using an HDMI cable and Digital AV adapter (not included)
  • Connect to gaming system or laptop using an HDMI cable(not included)
  • Focus free allows your movies or media to appear in focus even when projected on curved or uneven surfaces
  • No manual focusing – auto focus regardless of throw distance


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