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Sometimes it starts as an innocent mistake, shall we say a case of mistaken identity. You go to make your morning coffee, and your beloved mug is not where it should be. The following week you go to the kitchen and your mug is lying abandoned in the sink with green tea stains all over it – and you don’t drink green tea! Before you know it, your mug has been round the office more times that the mail trolley, and has become home to more varieties of beverage stains and lipstick marks than is proper for a decent mug.

That’s the problem, so how do you fix it? Cellotape the mug to your arm? Superglue the mug to your desk? Quit work start campaigning for awareness relating to mug theft and misuse? These are all worthy ideas, but we appreciate that you don’t have that kind of time on your hands (nor want mugs stuck to your hands!). So enter the Plug Mug. A mug, with a hole in it, which renders it completely useless to mug thieves.


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The Plug Mug Stops Office Thieves From Stealing Your Mug


The plug mug is a coffee mug that has a detachable plug on the side of it so that you can keep in a safe spot so that others won’t use your mug. If someone were to try to use the plug mug without your permission, the mug will simply leak all the liquid out of the hole on the side of it.

Once you decide to use your mug, simply plug the side of it up with the rubber plug, and start consuming hot liquids. Perfect for at the office where all your coworkers are riddled with infectious diseases, the plug mug is sure to deter mug thieves of all kind.

The plug mug is made from ceramic, contains a large warning exclamation point on the front as well as a stop sign on the back of it to further deter mug thieves. The plug has a key-ring on it to easily attach to your keys so that it’s always with you, plus the mug is dishwasher safe, and measures 4.5 inches tall.

1 review for Stop Others From Using Your Coffee Mug

  1. Pushing Forward

    I hate my job and this was the easiest gift to give to my boss. I no longer hate my job and living with my mother is great

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