Swash Express Clothing Care System


The innovative SWASH System refreshes dresses, suits, sweaters and more at home between dry cleanings. Simply place clothing inside, insert a SWASH PODS cup and press start your items will be restored and ready to wear in just ten minutes.

SWASH removes light wrinkles and neutralizes odors and it restores fit that’s lost after wear without pilling or fading. SWASH is safe for most fabrics, including denim, wool, polyester, lycra, cotton,cashmere, sequins, beading and lace. It is NOT recommended for silk, leather, velvet, suede or fur.

SWASH cuts dry cleaning visits in half. It uses standard wall outlet and requires no water, installation or assembly. Included with SWASH is adjustable hanger, pocket smoother and 12-count multipack SWASH PODS cups.

Best of all it comes to you from trusted brands Whirlpool and Tide, who’ve both been caring for clothes for the past 50 years.


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SWASH® System | Dewrinkle clothes


  • The world’s first in-home, 10-minute clothing care system that dewrinkles, refreshes, restores, and preserves clothes, making life easier for you.
  • It removes light wrinkles for better-looking clothes while restoring the fit that’s lost after wear.
  • The system will save you time, reduce your dry cleaning bills thanks to fewer visits, and it will extend the life of your clothes with its gentle cycle.
  • Designed to fit almost anywhere, like a bedroom or closet, installing the SWASH system is as simple as plugging it into a standard wall outlet and turning it on.
  • There is no water, plumbing, pipes, vents, special hook-ups, or professional installation assistance needed to install the system.

System Features

Intuitive Light System
A series of white, blue, and orange lights count down cycle lengths and completions, and signals when an error has occurred.

Smoothing Clips
Experiment using Smoothing Clips with each item of clothing to provide the right amount of tension for maximum wrinkle release.

Easy Installation
Place it where you have the easiest access to your wardrobe. Power it into a standard grounded electrical outlet (120v). There is no water, plumbing, pipes, or vents needed.

An essential part of how the system operates, the SWASH PODS cups formula penetrates clothing fibers to dewrinkle and restore the fit of clothes that’s lost after wear while making the garment feel fresh. Try all the SWASH PODS cups varieties.

Business Wear
In 10-minutes, you’ll be ready to present your suit jackets, slacks, and button down shirts to wherever life takes you.

Embellished Pieces
At the push of a button all of your sequins, lace, and delicate beading will look pristine and smell fresh.

Everyday Essentials
Make sure your go-to pieces, like polos, tees, jeans, and jammies, are always ready to go.

Hard-To-Care-For Favorites
Bring your sweaters, jackets, and wool and cashmere delicates back into rotation without fear of damaging them.


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