TANKY: World’s Fastest Production Drone

Photography drones, such as the DJI Phantom, are perfect for doing what they do—take smooth and steady videos—but you don’t get to fly them, they fly themselves. You merely get to suggest where they should go. If you want to push a camera around through the air those drones are perfect. However, Tanky is different!

Tanky is built to give YOU full control. Tanky does exactly what you want it to do, when you want it. It can go incredibly fast, flip, roll, and race through the trees. Tanky lets you truly experience flight, not just observe it.

Think of it this way, it is the difference between driving a stick shift sports car or a cargo van. It’s not like one is better than the other, both are necessary, but you don’t buy a cargo van to have fun. Tanky was designed to be fun, pure fun through and through.

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TANKY: World\'s Fastest Production FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter


Why Tanky?
  • 30% lighter than other similarly equipped Ready-to-Fly racing drones, such as the Vortex 250-Pro. And much faster!
  • Can easily compete against high end custom built racing FPV drones. Same weight, same power, more features!
  • Remotely Tiltable FPV camera that lets you go as slow as you like, or hit breakneck speeds.
  • Ultra tough carbon fiber and injection molded composite thermoplastic frame. Crash it over and over again!
  • Fully assembled, professionally tuned, and ready to fly and race.
  • Runs latest CleanFlight, BetaFlight, or RaceFlight software.
  • Compatible with any currently available FPV goggles and FPV screens.
  • Comes with vibration isolated camera mount for GoPro Session, Polaroid Cube, or Mobius Action Camera.


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