Too Many Remote Controls? Try Pronto and Peel App for iOS


Turn your iPhone or iPad into a universal remote for your Smart Home. Together with the Peel Smart Remote app, Pronto enables you to control 450,000 models of TVs, set-top boxes, satellite boxes, streaming media, DVD and Blu-ray players, home theatres, soundbars, speakers, HDMI switches, A/V receivers and Air Conditioners from the palm of your hand. Control all those devices with just one tap on your smartphone.

The Peel Smart Remote app will also deliver personalized content recommendations based on your preferences and prior TV viewing behavior. Just tap on your favorite shows to tune in.

It’s an easy and budget-friendly way to turn your home into a smart, connected one. Eliminate clutter in your home. Pronto is completely wireless. No need to worry about power outlets or line of sight. Powerful IR signals are sent in every direction.

If you want to hide your electronics in a cabinet, use the included IR extension cable.

Seamless Bluetooth Smart pairing ensures your smartphone maintains a reliable connection to Pronto.

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Turn your iPhone into a Smart Universal Remote

Works with more than 450,000 devices, including all major brands of TV, set top box, DVD player, Blu-ray player, home theaters, soundbars, speakers, HDMI switches, A/V receivers and Air Conditioners.

  • Over 50 devices can be controlled with up to 10 devices per room.
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity.
  • Send IR signals in all directions.
  • 1 year average battery life.
  • Free Peel Smart Remote app for iOS7 and higher available from the App Store.

In the Box: Pronto OV500201 unit, IR extension cable, 4 AA batteries and Quick Start Guide.


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