Two in One – A Wallet and a Charger


What’s the first thing you do when you sit down at your desk or anywhere really? Take your phone and wallet out of your pocket. They are the two items that are always with you, but also the two items that are uncomfortable to have in your pockets while seated. Now, how often have you been caught out in the world with a low battery, and only your wallet with you? No cable or power source available.

Solution: the nomad wallet. A high quality leather wallet with built-in high density lithium ion battery that is no thicker than your average wallet.

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A Wallet With Built-in Tech!


About the Product

  • Built in 2400 mAh battery provides 1 complete charge of iPhone 6/6S
  • Rugged saffiano leather
  • Built-in MFI certified lightning cable for your iPhone
  • Bifold wallet with 8 card slots
  • Only 3/4 inch thick, no thicker than the average wallet


High crush strength aluminum casing with high strength polycarbonate end caps.


The wallet was built to stand up to regular “wallet” use. The battery is encased in steel, which is further encased in plastic, and finally wrapped in leather.


5V / 1.5A out for Lightning cable.


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