Vi – The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

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A great trainer makes working out 10x more motivating and effective- that’s why Vi was created!

Meet Vi: your own on-demand AI personal trainer that coaches you to real results. Vi tracks your workouts by monitoring your heart rate, cadence, and speed through aerospace-grade biosensors. As Vi learns your routines, you’ll receive real-time feedback through a remarkably human-sounding voice, with audio powered by Harman Kardon. Whether you’re training for a marathon or hitting the street for the first time in years, Vi will become your new go-to workout companion.


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Meet Vi. The Answer to Your Fitness Prayers.
Meet Vi. Your AI Personal Trainer.
What can Vi do for you?


Vi AI Personal Trainer is the world’s first headphones whose voice guides you towards a healthier life.

  • ADAPTIVE FITNESS COACH: Workout smarter with the first ever AI personal trainer that uses real time tracking to deliver constant optimization of your running, cycling, and other types of exercise
  • AEROSPACE GRADE: The wireless fitness tracker headphones feature biosensors that detect heart rate, motion, elevation, proximity, and touch. Winner of the 2018 iF Packaging Design Award.
  • PERSONALIZED WORKOUTS: Vi finds the ideal path to achieving your individual fitness goals and coaches you in real time based on biometric sensors.
  • BEAUTIFUL SOUND: Lose yourself in beautiful sound powered by Harmon Kardon every time you slip on the bluetooth headphones.
  • ALL DAY: Sweat and water resistant with all-day battery life perfect for workouts, listening to music, and taking calls.
  • BUILT-IN APP: Included is the free Vi Fitness App for custom, AI-based Training Plans to help you take your workouts to next level. (iOS and Android).
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS: Vi adds new capabilities all the time through over-the-air- updates. Every day is a chance to experience fresh content and add some variety to your workouts!

1 review for Vi – The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I consider myself a competitive runner, which is why I was a little hesitant when first purchasing Vi. I wasn’t sure if I’d necessarily benefit from this product or if it was smart enough for non-beginners. However, it was time for bluetooth headphones and I’m a sucker for runner apps, headphones and gear..which is why I decided to give this product a shot. Not to mention that as an active runner within the running community, I’ve being constantly seeing ads and articles about this product when searching for headphones for running.

    I recently ran the NY SHAPE Women’s half with Vi and this was my ultimate test for these headphones. I managed to run my fastest half to date without any additional training. I’m thanking Vi for helping me beat my personal PR. Vi not only helped me maintain my pace, but she continuously motivated throughout my run. BTW the Spotify integration (in-app) has optimized running playlists based on my music library – this is a BIG TIME plus to keep me entertained during my run.

    Vi gets to know you within the first 2hrs of running sessions together. As she got to know my running habits and trends, she became aware of my running paces, trends and capabilities. She managed to help me adjust my speed levels or suggest running types/modes based on AI that directly correlates to my PERSONAL running history. Vi is very personal, which is key for me..the more I run with her, the better she is able to coach me.

    I was a hefty Strava and Runkeeper user, up until my Vi purchase. When I first launched the app, Vi asked me what my running goal was and what level of runner I was. My response was “Improvement” and “Competitive”.
    I must say that my timing has improved time over time when using Vi. Not to mention that she has been a great motivational “coach” throughout my training and race. She also helps me ease a bit to avoid injuries (also a major plus as I have suffered from shin splints in the past)

    I look forward to many more running sessions together and apparently there are new features that will be updated with new app versions. Can’t wait to see what Vi releases next!

    Keep it uppppppp!!

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