Parents Get More Sleep with OK to Wake! Alarm Clock for Children


This bedside alarm clock features fun animations that give it personality! The convenient nap timer and dual night-light that glows green to tell children it’s OK to get out of bed make this alarm clock a must-have for families with young children! Includes two fun, interchangeable faceplates: flower and bug. USB cord with battery backup (4 AA, not included). Approximately 4.5″.

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OK to Wake Alarm Clock & Night-Light


  • Adorable color-changing night-light teaches children to stay in bed longer so families get more sleep!
  • OK to Wake! night-light is a soft yellow in the evening, and turns green in the morning (parent programmable) so children know when it’s OK to get out of bed! Parents can also adjust the brightness.
  • Nap timer allows for napping without disrupting the night-light and morning programmed times!
  • Also features auto off for night-light and OK to Wake! Light, as well as fun “toe” buttons that children can press to see funny animated faces on the display!
  • Includes USB cord (you need your own wall adapter), instruction manual, 2 interchangeable face plates.


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